5 things that make your hair fall out

Is there more hair on your hairbrush than on your head? Here are the top 5 reasons why your hair drops. An extra few kilograms or a new layer of laughter makes you sigh … But do you notice that your slightly futile hairstyle now shows your scalp, or that the path in your hair looks bigger? You get panicked!

According to Philip Kingsley, known as the hero guru of international stars, the psychological impact of hair loss is enormous. No person has the same volume of hair at 40 as 20 years old. Women, however, feel less feminine and attractive if they no longer have that full bunch of hair from their youth.

What is normal hair loss and what is too much? Most women lose 50 to 100 strings of hair a day. So when you notice a sudden change in your hair loss pattern, ask yourself first why it happens.

The reasons why you lose so much hair these days

“Any woman’s hair falls out, that’s normal,” says HerbalsDaily.com, a hair transplant surgeon of Hair Renewal. “However, if it affects large amounts of hair, get help. The sooner you treat the problem, the greater your chance of losing hair loss and even restoring hair growth to normal.”


Herbals Daily says that the hair loss epidemic could possibly cause women to fulfill roles in previously male-dominated positions. This results in more psychological pressure, chemical changes in the body and male body tendencies, such as systematic bleeding. Related effects of a stressful lifestyle, such as weight loss and the use of antidepressants, can also cause your hair to fall. Stressy episodes in your life will appear in your hair if severe hair loss three to four months after the event.


Anemia due to a shortage of iron makes you feel tired, make your pale look and feel tame. And it’s accompanied by hair that easily drops out. This can usually be attributed to heavy months. If you think it’s wrong with your fault, test your iron levels and get advice from your doctor about iron supplements.


Anything that influences your hair growth cycles naturally also affects your hair’s volume. A thyroid problem will make you tired, add weight, feel depressed and cause hair loss. The good news is that a thyroid problem can easily be corrected. Your doctor can test you for the problem and determine what the most appropriate treatment should be.


Hormone fluctuations due to pregnancy or menopause are one of the main reasons why a woman’s hair becomes slippery. “During menopause, the female hormone reduces estrogen and male hormones increase. You will find that your hair is no longer as long as before. The increase in male hormones does not reduce the amount of hair on your head, making hair thin and shorter. So the new hairs that grow out are finer and weaker, “explains Philip Kingsley.


According to Dr. Ress is a big offender chemical treatments like the Brazilian technique to straighten hair semi permanent and permanent hair dyes. Harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde, infiltrate your hair follicles during hair treatments that damage your hair roots. This causes hair loss shortly for long. Preferably use a color shampoo that covers your hair shawl with a color coating rather than penetrating hair. Hot hair lashes are, to a lesser extent, a problem. The heat causes your hair to break, rather than failure.

Do we have to eat like the prehistoric man?

Will we stay healthy longer if we eat like the prehistoric man? Do you fall off easily? Supporters of the Paleo diet think that the diet of the ancient prehistoric man in the Stone Age (the paleolithic) is much better than the current dietary advice from My Greens Daily. But what does this primordial food mean? And is this actually healthier?

What does the Paleo diet mean?

When we talk about primal food, we are talking about the diet in the period of the Paleolithic. This is the period from about 2.5 million years to 10,000 years ago. In this period our ancestors mainly ate meat from wild animals, berries, nuts and plants. Our genes would have been adjusted accordingly. With the emergence of agriculture, our diet has changed drastically. We started to eat more grains. This change has gone so fast that our DNA has not yet been adapted. This would be the reason why we are getting more and more cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes nowadays. To prevent this, we should eat again like the primeval man.

For the time being, it is unclear what exactly our ancestors ate in that period. Initially it was thought that paleolithic people took almost half of their food from carbohydrates and did not eat fish. Currently, the estimate of carbohydrate intake is a lot lower and fish is seen as an essential part of the diet. The idea is mainly that a lot of vegetables, fruit and nuts were eaten. This already closely resembles current recommendations from the healthy diet guidelines. According to the Paleo diet, we should not eat grains and no bread at all. However, evidence has been found that wild cereals have been processed 23,000 years ago. In short: it is difficult to determine exactly what the Paleo diet is about.

Back to the Stone Age?

In a recent Dutch study an attempt was made to learn more about the composition of the Paleo diet. This based on literature research and observations with traditional tribes from Africa. Compared to our current diet, the hunter-gatherers appear to consume less carbohydrates (bread and grains) and linoleic acid (sunflower oil). The intake of fish fatty acids was higher. The general conclusion was that in order to be healthy, we have to go back to the living conditions of the Stone Age, translated into the 21st century, without food shortages and infections. Because not only food affects our health.

Food offer

Remko Kuipers, a Dutch evolutionary medical researcher, is engaged in primeval nutrition. He mentions that there is currently a conflict between our prehistoric genes and associated brains, which can not resist the stimuli. There is too much food supply that we can not resist. Our ancestors could not resist these stimuli. They were rarely confronted with this because there was mainly food scarcity and famine.

Body activity

We live in a society in which movement is not exactly stimulated. Sitting in your car you can go to your office job, where you sit behind a desk for 8 hours. Then to go back home by car and to crash on the couch. Very different than before, when there had to be hunted for our food.

But the prehistoric man did not get older at all?

People in prehistoric times were often not old. They usually die at an age of 30-40 years. Paleo supporters often use the term evolution as a basis for maintaining the Paleo Diet and aging. Only this is based on a misconception about evolution. This is because evolution does not select for longevity, but for reproduction. The more you propagate, the more your genes spread. If you become ill later in life, this will no longer have any effect on the reproduction or passing on of your genes. This is the reason why the Paleo diet can reduce the risk of hereditary diseases. These have already been passed on long before these genes are expressed. The prehistoric man did not grow old enough to develop these syndromes because they often died of infections and injuries.

What can we learn from the primeval man?

To eat completely as one thinks that the primeval man ate I would not advise. Especially because eating large amounts of meat can entail the risk of certain diseases and has an effect on the kidneys and bones. In addition, you run an increased risk of infections if your raw products do not heat well. There are also a number of basic foods that can deliver a lot of nutrients.

There are certainly nutritional habits that we can take over from our ancestors. Namely more vegetables, fruit, fiber and fish and less processed products and fast food. This in combination with more exercise will already have to bring health benefits. Without having to go through life as cave-men.

Eat Smart With These Superfoods For Your Brain

How do you make sure that your brain operates properly? We all know that we are mentally blurred the day after a party or little sleep. Keeping your brain healthy refers a healthy way of life over a longer time period. The older you become, the more the way of life starts to count. The way of life is a combination of practices in the diet and feelings.

Provide the brain what it needs

1. The brain includes 60% fat

The cells in the brain consist for the a lot of part of fat, so ensure an excellent supply of fats. These consist of the fats from fatty fish such as herring, mackerel, sardines or salmon. Choose wild fish with the MSC logo design. We are frightened of saturated fat, however this is based upon a misconception. Hydrogenated fats such as cream butter and coconut oil are a basis for excellent brain operating in balance with the other fats such as omega-3/ 6/9. Do not take omega-6 fats due to the fact that we have surplus animals fed by grains and grain. Omega-6 rich oils are sunflower oil, soy oil, salad oil, peanut oil and rice oil. Limitation this as much as possible. Pick rather for unheated olive oil. If you want to supplement additional, krill oil and fermented cod liver oil can be an excellent addition.

2. Vitamins & minerals

When the base is laid with excellent fats, it is important to offer the brain with the ideal vitamins and minerals. Especially the B vitamins are very important for a great memory and magnesium for the stimulus transfer in between the nerves. We are not in favor of supplements since these are separated compounds on an artificial basis that work completely various from the natural ones that typically work in balance with other vitamins and minerals and for that reason work far more powerfully. This synergistic impact is typically doing not have with supplements. Supplements can best be utilized in emergency situation circumstances where there are major scarcities. It is better to choose natural fresh vegetables and fruit for the vitamins.

3. Drinking water

To get and preserve a clear mind it is important that your body can eliminate toxins properly. By drinking enough water, optimum circulation of all body fluids can happen so that the body can constantly get rid of toxins. The issue of drinking too much water is that you likewise remove the minerals and discard the kid with the bathwater. For that reason choose unrefined sea salt. By adding this to the drinking water, the body is mineralized and the electrolyte content in the body is kept. Electrolytes are essential for nerve conduction, also in the brain.

4. Antioxidants Free

radicals are developed by the combustion of oxygen, wish to neutralize and damage random cells in the body, including in the brain. Anti-oxidants avoid this and help keep the brain young. Different herbs have a really strong antioxidant effect, but likewise green tea and dark chocolate. Make sure you get this much, due to the fact that you really rejuvenate your brain.

5. Intestines healthy, brain healthy

There has been a lot of knowledge about the relationship in between the intestinal tracts and the brain in recent years. Some standard substances for the neurotransmitters are formed in the intestines. In addition, the health of the intestinal tracts identifies the absorption of nutrients needed for proper brain function and also determines which bad substances go into the blood stream that do not belong there. A couple of books have just recently become available in Dutch about getting the bowels healthy. A good recommendation are The intestinal tract believes along with Klaus-Dietrich Runow and Digestive tract complaints from Saskia van As. In a nutshell you can get the bowels healthy by eating as little sugar, cereals, alcohol and dairy items as possible and eating more fish, fiber and leaf green.

6. You are exactly what you eat

Make certain you get great quality food, as unprocessed as possible. Factory food and ingredients problem the body and the brain. Therefore, the taste enhancer E621 and sweetener E951 (Aspartame) can go into the brain and trigger the essential damage.

7. Stress and great habits

By stress, the body and hence the brain leaves balance. Tension likewise ensures that the survival system of the brain becomes active and that suggests that just the lower and primary parts of the brain can function. The lower areas of the brain are involved in matters that mainly contribute to making it through, clear thinking is not part of this. The higher brain locations include memory and judgment. Ensure that you have as little stress as possible by exercising regularly and taking enough (night) rest. If you have a great deal of tension you can also do assertiveness training to discover how to deal with yourself and others.

Follow These Tips To Become A Real Men

Weekly I write a short article for the paper This Week under the heading title ‘Healthy’. Since today is November 19 International manning day, a short article just for men.

The strong gender select healthy

Less tension, be energetic and efficient, keep your weight under control, be comfy with yourself, enjoy (there), live longer. Which guy does not want to sign for that?

With these 12 ideas you become a real man: you make healthy choices and you take it for approved that you take good care of yourself.

1. In time under the wool

We start with the nicest: sleep a bit more! A good night’s sleep takes the stress out of your body, makes you more efficient and better. And do not forget to welcome your partner to join you in time on time – that is healthy too.

2. Set ‘healthy’ on the menu

Make smarter choices for your diet: consume great deals of veggies, more fruit, not too much meat and fat. Eat the portion you require, not the serving you get served. Also the leftovers of your partner or kids do not belong as ‘dessert’ on your plate.

Eat at regular intervals, choose healthy treats and never avoid your breakfast.

3. Move

Add additional motion to your schedule. Moving at least Thirty Minutes every day makes you a healthy male, physically and psychologically. You can move anytime and anywhere: go to work by bike, constantly take the stairs, pick an active lunch break, go to the sports club, let the pet out.

4. Enjoy the tummy, gentlemen

It frequently takes place that as a guy you grow some extra kilos around the waist. Keep the ‘swimming pool’ in check and prevent obesity, heart problem and diabetes.

5. Learn your bad habits

Stop smoking, be moderate with alcohol or change it with other (healthy) drinks such as water. Cheers!

6. Leave house on time

The national time use study reveals that men get back on average one hour later on at night than females. So the possibilities are that you too will be working long hours. Too much overtime can harm your health. So: leave home on time. There you do everyone a favor.

7. Ban the bank wall mount

It is very important to take a rest after a busy day, but prior to you understand it you’re in a coma for the TELEVISION every night or you’re wandering around on Facebook up until the late hours. Do you wager that you are not constantly happy with that? Limit the time you spend in front of the screen and the time invested launched on health concerns, such as increased exercise or time with your enjoyed ones.

8. Family, guy

Do you have a partner and/ or kids? You may feel the need to spend (even) more time with them. The ‘family man’ in yourself likewise contributes to a healthy and happier life. So give him some more time and space.

9. Daddy goes out

With a network of buddies you develop a life with less tension, you feel much better in yourself and you live longer. Bringing a step into the world with buddies from time to time is an absolute needs to for great health.

10. Learn more about your doctor

Openly talking about your health appears obvious, but for many men it is not. Likewise take minor conditions seriously and discuss them on time with your physician or doctor-specialist. By doing this you can avoid severe illness.

11. Is my coat well, my tie is well

Taking good care of yourself likewise adds to a much healthier life. Watch over your individual health, gown for success and look more often in the mirror. It’s permitted!

12. Action by action

Lastly, this: changing takes time and determination. Start little and set possible goals. And keep in mind: every day you have a new possibility to make healthier choices.

5 Tips To Stay Healthy

Significant changes such as stopping smoking or strolling day-to-day need excellent devotion. But there are also smaller things that you can do now to learn healthy practices immediately!

1. What do you eat?

Develop a food diary and begin erasing all unhealthy bonus. If you are inclined to eat the leftovers from your children’s plate, leave them alone. You instantly alter your diet.

2. See the joke in

Lachen totally free endorphins. Endorphins relieve discomfort, increase your immune system and boost blood circulation through your heart. And it also relaxes muscles and helps versus stress!

3. Stop sugar

A lot of treats contain a great deal of sugars that cause a fast peak in your blood sugar level level, however you likewise rapidly experience a dip. This will rapidly grab you for more. Neglect the call of the cookie box and consume enough complicated carbs during meals. You will find these for instance in starchy, wholemeal ingredients. That chocolate bar is really not a matter of life-or-death, so let it be!

4. Count alcohols

Be good to your liver, kidneys, heart and brain and keep it on a weekly optimum of 14 units (females) or 21 systems (males). Not at one time naturally just one or two beverages at a time. Also understand that a glass of wine can count up to 3 units! A glass of wine of 175ml with 12% alcohol counts for about 2 systems.

5. Go outside

Although you need to safeguard your skin versus hazardous UV rays, the sun is indispensable for the production of vitamin D in your body. Vitamin D helps avoid rickets and it is even declared that this hormone-like vitamin helps secure you from heart problem, diabetes, tuberculosis, cancer and even numerous sclerosis.