How healthy is Fruit?

Three us vegetables and two pieces of fruit’ has been a healthy lifestyle for years. Eating fruit is natural and healthy. But there are many different types of fruit and they are not all just as healthy, of course. Which healthy nutrients do you encounter in the fruit that we eat?

In order to determine which types of fruit are healthy or less sensible, we will look at what is in fruit. Important things are: calories, vitamins, carbohydrates and fiber.

Differences Between Vegetables And Greens


One of the reasons for eating fruit is the vitamins they contain. We all know vitamin C and that you need a dose of it regularly, few people will contradict. Our body needs vitamin C to build a good resistance. In addition, it also helps to heal wounds and illness faster. Another vitamin that you find in fruit is vitamin A. Vitamin A also helps to build or maintain a good resistance. But this vitamin is also necessary to get healthy eyes, hair and skin.

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In which fruit do you find the vitamins

But not all types of fruit contain many vitamins. You will find a lot of vitamin C in oranges, strawberries and kiwis. But in grapes, apricots and passion fruit is very little vitamin C. Mangos, apricots and mandarins are examples of fruit with a lot of vitamin A in it, while in blueberries, pineapple and strawberries there is little vitamin A.


Nowadays many people do not try to eat too many calories. And fruit should fit into a healthy lifestyle, where you keep an eye on your weight. Then it is good to know how it is with the calories in our fruit. Because one type of fruit contains many more calories than the other. It is therefore not the case that fruit necessarily contains few calories. So try to limit your calorie intake, so you have to be careful with your choice of fruit.

Fruits with relatively high calories are bananas, mangos and cherries. A banana contains about 90 kcal, a mango 80 kcal and cherries contain 55 kcal per 100 grams. Two fruits that contain few calories are passion fruit with 6 kcal and an apricot with 7 kcal.


Besides watching the number of calories, it is also very popular to limit the number of carbohydrates. There are all kinds of diets that are based on minimizing carbohydrate intake. Also when it comes to carbohydrates there are big differences between the fruits.

Which fruit is the best now?

As you can see, there is not just a single type of fruit to be called the best fruit of all. It depends on what you want to achieve with eating fruit. For example, if you want to lose weight, you can better go for fruit with low calories and carbohydrates. If you want a lot of vitamins, you have to pay attention to that.

In addition, variety in your choice of fruit is very sensible. This is because your body needs the different nutrients. For you, that is also wise. ‘Making food change’ is a saying that is older than most of the data in this article, but that still fits well with the advice of two pieces of fruit per day.

How to Gain Weight to Practice the Fight

How to gain weight to practice the fight Most wrestlers think they are more successful in fighting in a lower weight category, but removing weight can be difficult and dangerous. With exercise, you can lose weight (with Phen375) so you don’t feel energy loss while waiting for your next fight. How to Gain Weight to Practice the fight…

Step – 1

Determine the minimum weight you can fight. In most states, they need wrestler certificates. If you can’t fight at a lower weight, there’s no reason to lose it.

Step – 2

Try to lose weight slowly during the months. A good diet and vigorous daily training can keep your body weight low in fat, but if you succeed, you can burn more muscle than fat. Losing fat is the best way to lose weight and prevent you from losing energy.

Step – 3

Determine how much weight you can lose at night. Between dinner and breakfast, you will probably go to the bathroom twice, before and after sleep. If you weigh before and after bed each day, it will help you determine and make a plan.

Step – 4

Two days before the competition, try to lower the level of water you consume. Dehydration is a problem, you need to drink water for your body to work well, but consume lower to retain more fluid than needed. Get away from energy drinks. They may be tempting. Try to eat very energetic food right now.

Step – 5

If you want good protein sources, try chicken and turkey meat. Soy is also a good source of protein.

That Way You Make Your Breasts Look Bigger

Large breasts, small breasts, jams or chicken breasts. All women are blessed with it, but it still happens that those breasts may be a little bigger. Do you want to make your breasts look a little bigger? Breast Actives is the Best Option for You to get your desired breast size… Girl scene comes with tips.

First of all we want to emphasize that all types of breasts are beautiful. Not because we want to be politically correct, but because it’s a truth like a tit. Some girls are slim and small and then large breasts are not always beautiful. The sizes are better in proportion. Small breasts can also be extremely sexy. A low neckline on tanned skin with ‘smaller’ hills can look incredibly sensual rather than ordinary or ugly. Dare to experiment ladies!

Then anyway. Sometimes you have an evening or a day when you want to make the bosom look a bit fuller. Maybe you have a date or an important party where you want to be incredibly feminine. Then you can use these tools to create more volume.

Push-up bra

Ladies cap, but nevertheless a good way to have a full bust. If only for a moment. A good push-up bra pushes your breasts slightly upwards, making them appear larger. Because of the filling, there is also volume under the breast and that is why your cup is already half full;)

Good size bra

This sounds logical, but it isn’t. Many girls and even older women in the world walk around with the wrong size bra. If you want a good measurement, you better go to a lingerie store. Wear a bra during the measurement! Not with filling of course;) Then buy the right size bra. With a good size, the bust is well supported but your female form is also emphasized in a good way.

Good clothing

It is generally known that a large cut among women with large breasts is not always beautiful. But what about the other way around? If you want to emphasize your breasts, it may help to wear a high-necked sweater that is slightly tight. Make sure the clothing does not draw. If you wear a tighter sweater, the breasts appear optically larger. See it as if ‘all’ that fabric should cover your bust. A low-cut top does not make your breasts larger. It only shows what you have at home. Also think of piping, fraying etc. at the breast area, because that emphasizes the breasts. A bit bigger again. Here are some tips !

Do we have to eat like the prehistoric man?

Will we stay healthy longer if we eat like the prehistoric man? Do you fall off easily? Supporters of the Paleo diet think that the diet of the ancient prehistoric man in the Stone Age (the paleolithic) is much better than the current dietary advice from My Greens Daily. But what does this primordial food mean? And is this actually healthier?

What does the Paleo diet mean?

When we talk about primal food, we are talking about the diet in the period of the Paleolithic. This is the period from about 2.5 million years to 10,000 years ago. In this period our ancestors mainly ate meat from wild animals, berries, nuts and plants. Our genes would have been adjusted accordingly. With the emergence of agriculture, our diet has changed drastically. We started to eat more grains. This change has gone so fast that our DNA has not yet been adapted. This would be the reason why we are getting more and more cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes nowadays. To prevent this, we should eat again like the primeval man.

For the time being, it is unclear what exactly our ancestors ate in that period. Initially it was thought that paleolithic people took almost half of their food from carbohydrates and did not eat fish. Currently, the estimate of carbohydrate intake is a lot lower and fish is seen as an essential part of the diet. The idea is mainly that a lot of vegetables, fruit and nuts were eaten. This already closely resembles current recommendations from the healthy diet guidelines. According to the Paleo diet, we should not eat grains and no bread at all. However, evidence has been found that wild cereals have been processed 23,000 years ago. In short: it is difficult to determine exactly what the Paleo diet is about.

Back to the Stone Age?

In a recent Dutch study an attempt was made to learn more about the composition of the Paleo diet. This based on literature research and observations with traditional tribes from Africa. Compared to our current diet, the hunter-gatherers appear to consume less carbohydrates (bread and grains) and linoleic acid (sunflower oil). The intake of fish fatty acids was higher. The general conclusion was that in order to be healthy, we have to go back to the living conditions of the Stone Age, translated into the 21st century, without food shortages and infections. Because not only food affects our health.

Food offer

Remko Kuipers, a Dutch evolutionary medical researcher, is engaged in primeval nutrition. He mentions that there is currently a conflict between our prehistoric genes and associated brains, which can not resist the stimuli. There is too much food supply that we can not resist. Our ancestors could not resist these stimuli. They were rarely confronted with this because there was mainly food scarcity and famine.

Body activity

We live in a society in which movement is not exactly stimulated. Sitting in your car you can go to your office job, where you sit behind a desk for 8 hours. Then to go back home by car and to crash on the couch. Very different than before, when there had to be hunted for our food.

But the prehistoric man did not get older at all?

People in prehistoric times were often not old. They usually die at an age of 30-40 years. Paleo supporters often use the term evolution as a basis for maintaining the Paleo Diet and aging. Only this is based on a misconception about evolution. This is because evolution does not select for longevity, but for reproduction. The more you propagate, the more your genes spread. If you become ill later in life, this will no longer have any effect on the reproduction or passing on of your genes. This is the reason why the Paleo diet can reduce the risk of hereditary diseases. These have already been passed on long before these genes are expressed. The prehistoric man did not grow old enough to develop these syndromes because they often died of infections and injuries.

What can we learn from the primeval man?

To eat completely as one thinks that the primeval man ate I would not advise. Especially because eating large amounts of meat can entail the risk of certain diseases and has an effect on the kidneys and bones. In addition, you run an increased risk of infections if your raw products do not heat well. There are also a number of basic whole foods superfood powder that can deliver a lot of nutrients.

There are certainly nutritional habits that we can take over from our ancestors. Namely more vegetables, fruit, fiber and fish and less processed products and fast food. This in combination with more exercise will already have to bring health benefits. Without having to go through life as cave-men.

Which pants fits my figure?

Pants and jeans come in all shapes and sizes: hip trousers, waist trousers, tight trousers, wide trousers and much more. But did you know that not every pair of pants is suitable for every figure? In this article you can read which trousers and jeans fit perfectly with your figure.

Wide hips

When you have broad hips, straight pants are very suitable for you. This makes your lower body slightly right so that wide hips do not stand out. When you have long legs you can also opt for pants with wider, flared legs. These make you narrower. Waist pants are also very beautiful. Furthermore, it is not smart to opt for pants with prominent pockets or wear spots at the hips, because this is the attention extra attention is drawn to your hips which is not the intention. The harem pants are also not very suitable for your figure, even through these pants your hips seem wider than they are.

Narrow hips

The skinny jeans, a tight fitting model with tight legs, is perfect for your figure. Because the pants are quite tight at the legs, your hips seem rounder. A pair of hip pants is also beautiful with your figure, just like the harem pants. Do not, however, choose waist pants, which do not do your figure a lot of good: it ensures that you get a very straight and masculine figure.


When you have a belly is the most important tip: do not buy pants or jeans that are too tight. When the pants are very tight, your belly seems bigger. So make sure you buy a pair of pants that fits well and is comfortable. Go for pants that are slightly higher, so not for hip pants. When you wear a pair of hip pants your belly is extra, which of course you do not want. When you are really very tired with your tummy, you can also opt for pants that correct your stomach. These pants basically work the same as corrective underwear: it makes your stomach seem flatter.

Flat buttocks

If you have flat buttocks and want to make them look rounder, you should go for pants with prominent pockets at your bottom. Choose striking stitching, buttons or a nice decoration. Do not buy tight pants without pockets, for example a trouser leg. The shape of your buttocks is clearly visible in this way and they will therefore not look rounder. Nowadays there are jeans that lift your buttocks, so-called push-up jeans.

Round buttocks

Are you lucky that you have a nice round backside? Show it with a nice tight model, like the skinny jeans. If you want your buttocks to stand out less, it’s best to go for a pair of pants with flared legs. Watch out for pants with small pockets at your bottom. This makes your buttocks appear wider than they are. So go for a model with pockets that are in proportion to your buttocks.

What if you want to straighten your beard?

As you can see, the styling of curly beard is not as difficult as you have the right equipment. Some men, however, do not want to worry about this extra care that a curly beard needs and prefer to straighten him. If your curly beard is unmanageable, then making this straight is possibly the best option for you.

There are several ways to achieve a straight beard: natural, chemical and mechanical. With each method, it is ensured that the hair relaxes, so that it will become flatter and thus more manageable.

That way you naturally straighten your beard

Naturally straightening your beard is a daily process. You need to create a routine of beard care and stick to it here. With perseverance and care, your beard will stay straight throughout the day.

The first step in the process is throwing raw soap and shampoo overboard. Beard hair is more susceptible to damage and split ends. Facial hair needs more care to look its best. So say hello to raw soap and shampoo.

Make beard straight with beard combWash your beard with a mild cleanser that is specially made for beards and then use a beard conditioner. Soap made for beards will not remove the natural oils and a beard conditioner will not push your facial hair down or give it a greasy feeling. Wet hair is weaker than dry hair and can therefore be more easily damaged.

These are a number of do’s and don’ts for using a towel:

Dab your beard gently dry with a soft towel to avoid damaging the hair.
Do not rub your beard firmly.
Now we are ready for the next step to straighten a beard

Naturally straightening your beard by brushing it out
Before you start, you need three things: a qualitative beard brush, a hair dryer and a silicone cream (available at most chemists).

While your beard is slightly damp by washing and conditioning, gently apply the silicone cream in your beard. Now use the beard brush and hair dryer to give your beard the shape you want. As soon as the silicone cream hardens, the hair will remain the right for the rest of the day.

Keep these do’s and don’ts in mind for great results:

Do not use hot air when using the hair dryer as this will make hair fragile. Use the coldest setting instead.
Do not rub too much silicone cream in your beard.
Work the cream in your hair by following the direction of hair growth.
Also use a good beard oil to keep your hair soft.
Make sure you keep this morning routine and you will have a well-groomed beard that is right all day long.

Beard balm is a good addition to keep your beard straight, because of the properties to hold it that it holds. The best choice is beard balm made from avocado and cocoa butter, since these ingredients are the easiest to straighten a curly beard.

The 5 style hacks to hide your manboobs

You can recognize them directly from your friends: manboobs. It is allowed to continue to make jokes about that forever, there is nothing wrong with that.

But! You can also help those friends with his problem once. With a few style tips for example.

There are a number of reasons that you have them. Sometimes it comes from a hormonal imbalance called gynecomastia. Here, high levels of estrogen cause breast tissue to develop. But it is also possible that you eat too much fatty food and drink alcohol.

Whatever the cause, ‘ moobs ‘ can make you have trouble with your choice of clothing. It is difficult to feel confident and comfortable with that weight on your chest.

To give you a hand, we have a number of tips here so you can hide them and cultivate self-confidence.

1 | The fit

In terms of fit, you have to keep it simple. Something that is tight just accentuates your chest. But you also do not have to completely turn in the other direction. Too wide ensures that you add volume, so you only look wider and your tits start to bump.

Make sure you give your chest space, but not too much. If necessary, you can buy a larger size, and then have it entertained at the shoulders and at the waist. The best advice for this: get advice from a tailor .

2 | Prefer shirts above T-shirts

In general shirts are the better option for you, because they have more structure. It is better than a t-shirt, because they have a tendency to ‘stick’ to your body.

Choose a more compact, stiffer fabric instead of transparent materials. They emphasize your moobs . A heavier weave like twill or oxford fabric is a better choice than thin poplin.

3 | The color

White shirts show you your moobs , because they provide shadow forms. A blue or gray variant does not do this. These colors mix better with the shadow.

Dark colors are usually better, but you do not necessarily have to dodge lighter colors. You only have to choose the right materials.

4 | The details

Here it becomes slightly more difficult. Chest pockets can go two ways. They can add extra structure to a shirt and disguise the problem area, but detailed pockets only point more to the chest.

Visual tricks can also help you. Small patterns create a certain effect, so you pay attention to it and not to the shape of the body.

5 | Compression

No, it’s not a belt, do not worry.

This is your last resort. Compression vests are available everywhere, cheap and work very well to suppress your chest.

Because the collar is low, no one will see it. And if someone sees it, it looks like you have a sports shirt, so it does not matter very much.

Create a Six Pack at the Hand of 4 Tips!

It is the dream of every man … the six pack. Of course we can all joke about the onepack, the six cans in the fridge and the fact that you love your six pack so much that you protect it with a layer of fat. Deep inside you and I know that every man wants a six pack. Why? Because every woman – deep inside – wants her husband to have a nice washboard. They will not always say it, but it is the truth.

So … no more excuses . It’s time for that six pack and I’m going to explain to you how you can breed it. I use 4 tips and one misunderstanding. Almost everyone thinks that a six pack is created by training hard in the gym. Every day your belly crunching nicely and that washboard can break any moment. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I know different muscle bundles without a washboard. They have gigantic upper arms and signed chest muscles, but not a six pack. They have too high a fat percentage!

When you as a man have a fat percentage above 10% (women 15%), it becomes difficult to make the waxboard visible. You can train so intensely hard, the six blocks on your stomach will not show themselves to the outside world. Conversely, it works exactly the same. There are men and women who never sit in the gym and still have a visible washboard. Of course not as well as on the posters of a certain underbrown brand, but the blocks can be counted.

It is very important information if you decide to go full for that six pack. You may not even have to go to the gym, as long as you burn fat! So … we also helped that misunderstanding out of the world.

Tip 1: Go Healthy Eating

When you want a washboard, you probably have to burn fat – otherwise you already have it. Burning fat is done by measuring a healthy diet . Of course that is easier said than done. For a nice washboard it is important that you burn your belly fat with targeted nutrition. This is how I advise you to eat a lot of protein and healthy fats. Contrary to what you will expect healthy. It will be processed quickly by your body and will not be converted into fat. For more tips on healthy food, I advise you to read other articles on this blog or order the e-book … more about that later.

Tip 2: Do cardio training

I promise you that you do not necessarily have to follow cardio training to burn belly fat. By simply eating healthy you can burn all your fat around your stomach. You may be in a hurry. For people who suddenly realize that the summer is already about a month, I give the advice to perform cardio exercises. Go running, cycling or rowing and speed up the abdominal fat burning process!

Tip 3: Train for strong muscles

It is nice to have a washboard, but it does not make much impression if it is mainly a series of ribs. This is of course not the fashion ideal that we are all looking for. You will therefore have to train for stronger abdominal muscles. You do this in a fitness school or simply in your own bedroom. Most abdominal exercises can be performed with the help of a mat and a good attitude. However, I want to give you a few extra tips in this section. I keep it at 4, so it is pretty similar to the rest of the article. Remember these tips very well if you are going to train your washboard.

Tip 4: Do not believe in wonder means

I often see advertising for the ‘ideal six pack’ with a dubious panacea. Unfortunately, I can not take that seriously. There are no miracle drugs , so you get a six pack. Of course there are means with which you can strengthen your muscles extra fast, but this is junk. It is unhealthy for your body and will cause more damage than it will benefit you. AND … do not fall for the vibrators that vibrate your abs to a washboard. Impossible. Just start training and eating healthy food, and you will notice that your six pack is taking shape steadily. You can do this by studying the ebook Fat Burned Secrets. This book, aimed at burning fat, contains tips for the perfect body . It offers an extensive section about sports, abdominals and fitness.

5 things that make your hair fall out

Is there more hair on your hairbrush than on your head? Here are the top 5 reasons why your hair drops. An extra few kilograms or a new layer of laughter makes you sigh … But do you notice that your slightly futile hairstyle now shows your scalp, or that the path in your hair looks bigger? You get panicked!

According to Philip Kingsley, known as the hero guru of international stars, the psychological impact of hair loss is enormous. No person has the same volume of hair at 40 as 20 years old. Women, however, feel less feminine and attractive if they no longer have that full bunch of hair from their youth.

What is normal hair loss and what is too much? Most women lose 50 to 100 strings of hair a day. So when you notice a sudden change in your hair loss pattern, ask yourself first why it happens.

The reasons why you lose so much hair these days

“Any woman’s hair falls out, that’s normal,” says nuviante hair growth, a transplant surgeon of Hair Renewal. “However, if it affects large amounts of hair, get help. The sooner you treat the problem, the greater your chance of losing hair loss and even restoring hair growth to normal.”


Herbals Daily says that the hair loss epidemic could possibly cause women to fulfill roles in previously male-dominated positions. This results in more psychological pressure, chemical changes in the body and male body tendencies, such as systematic bleeding. Related effects of a stressful lifestyle, such as weight loss and the use of antidepressants, can also cause your hair to fall. Stressy episodes in your life will appear in your hair if severe hair loss three to four months after the event.


Anemia due to a shortage of iron makes you feel tired, make your pale look and feel tame. And it’s accompanied by hair that easily drops out. This can usually be attributed to heavy months. If you think it’s wrong with your fault, test your iron levels and get advice from your doctor about iron supplements.


Anything that influences your hair growth cycles naturally also affects your hair’s volume. A thyroid problem will make you tired, add weight, feel depressed and cause hair loss. The good news is that a thyroid problem can easily be corrected. Your doctor can test you for the problem and determine what the most appropriate treatment should be.


Hormone fluctuations due to pregnancy or menopause are one of the main reasons why a woman’s hair becomes slippery. “During menopause, the female hormone reduces estrogen and male hormones increase. You will find that your hair is no longer as long as before. The increase in male hormones does not reduce the amount of hair on your head, making hair thin and shorter. So the new hairs that grow out are finer and weaker, “explains Philip Kingsley.


According to Dr. Ress is a big offender chemical treatments like the Brazilian technique to straighten hair semi permanent and permanent hair dyes. Harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde, infiltrate your hair follicles during hair treatments that damage your hair roots. This causes hair loss shortly for long. Preferably use a color shampoo that covers your hair shawl with a color coating rather than penetrating hair. Hot hair lashes are, to a lesser extent, a problem. The heat causes your hair to break, rather than failure.

Eat Smart With These Superfoods For Your Brain

How do you make sure that your brain operates properly? We all know that we are mentally blurred the day after a party or little sleep. Keeping your brain healthy refers a healthy way of life over a longer time period. The older you become, the more the way of life starts to count. The way of life is a combination of practices in the diet and feelings.

Provide the brain what it needs

1. The brain includes 60% fat

The cells in the brain consist for the a lot of part of fat, so ensure an excellent supply of fats. These consist of the fats from fatty fish such as herring, mackerel, sardines or salmon. Choose wild fish with the MSC logo design. We are frightened of saturated fat, however this is based upon a misconception. Hydrogenated fats such as cream butter and coconut oil are a basis for excellent brain operating in balance with the other fats such as omega-3/ 6/9. Do not take omega-6 fats due to the fact that we have surplus animals fed by grains and grain. Omega-6 rich oils are sunflower oil, soy oil, salad oil, peanut oil and rice oil. Limitation this as much as possible. Pick rather for unheated olive oil. If you want to supplement additional, krill oil and fermented cod liver oil can be an excellent addition.

2. Vitamins & minerals

When the base is laid with excellent fats, it is important to offer the brain with the ideal vitamins and minerals. Especially the B vitamins are very important for a great memory and magnesium for the stimulus transfer in between the nerves. We are not in favor of supplements since these are separated compounds on an artificial basis that work completely various from the natural ones that typically work in balance with other vitamins and minerals and for that reason work far more powerfully. This synergistic impact is typically doing not have with supplements. Supplements can best be utilized in emergency situation circumstances where there are major scarcities. It is better to choose natural fresh vegetables and fruit for the vitamins.

3. Drinking water

To get and preserve a clear mind it is important that your body can eliminate toxins properly. By drinking enough water, optimum circulation of all body fluids can happen so that the body can constantly get rid of toxins. The issue of drinking too much water is that you likewise remove the minerals and discard the kid with the bathwater. For that reason choose unrefined sea salt. By adding this to the drinking water, the body is mineralized and the electrolyte content in the body is kept. Electrolytes are essential for nerve conduction, also in the brain.

4. Antioxidants Free

radicals are developed by the combustion of oxygen, wish to neutralize and damage random cells in the body, including in the brain. Anti-oxidants avoid this and help keep the brain young. Different herbs have a really strong antioxidant effect, but likewise green tea and dark chocolate. Make sure you get this much, due to the fact that you really rejuvenate your brain.

5. Intestines healthy, brain healthy

There has been a lot of knowledge about the relationship in between the intestinal tracts and the brain in recent years. Some standard substances for the neurotransmitters are formed in the intestines. In addition, the health of the intestinal tracts identifies the absorption of nutrients needed for proper brain function and also determines which bad substances go into the blood stream that do not belong there. A couple of books have just recently become available in Dutch about getting the bowels healthy. A good recommendation are The intestinal tract believes along with Klaus-Dietrich Runow and Digestive tract complaints from Saskia van As. In a nutshell you can get the bowels healthy by eating as little sugar, cereals, alcohol and dairy items as possible and eating more fish, fiber and leaf green.

6. You are exactly what you eat

Make certain you get great quality food, as unprocessed as possible. Factory food and ingredients problem the body and the brain. Therefore, the taste enhancer E621 and sweetener E951 (Aspartame) can go into the brain and trigger the essential damage.

7. Stress and great habits

By stress, the body and hence the brain leaves balance. Tension likewise ensures that the survival system of the brain becomes active and that suggests that just the lower and primary parts of the brain can function. The lower areas of the brain are involved in matters that mainly contribute to making it through, clear thinking is not part of this. The higher brain locations include memory and judgment. Ensure that you have as little stress as possible by exercising regularly and taking enough (night) rest. If you have a great deal of tension you can also do assertiveness training to discover how to deal with yourself and others.