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The 5 Style Hacks To Hide Your Manboobs

You can recognize them directly from your friends: manboobs. It is allowed to continue to make jokes about that forever, there is nothing wrong with that.

But! You can also help those friends with his problem once. With a few style tips for example.

There are a number of reasons that you have them. Sometimes it comes from a hormonal imbalance called gynecomastia. Here, high levels of estrogen cause breast tissue to develop. But it is also possible that you eat too much fatty food and drink alcohol.

Whatever the cause, ‘ moobs ‘ can make you have trouble with your choice of clothing. It is difficult to feel confident and comfortable with that weight on your chest.

To give you a hand, we have a number of tips here so you can hide them and cultivate self-confidence.

1 | The fit

In terms of fit, you have to keep it simple. Something that is tight just accentuates your chest. But you also do not have to completely turn in the other direction. Too wide ensures that you add volume, so you only look wider and your tits start to bump.

Make sure you give your chest space, but not too much. If necessary, you can buy a larger size, and then have it entertained at the shoulders and at the waist. The best advice for this: get advice from a tailor .

2 | Prefer shirts above T-shirts

In general shirts are the better option for you, because they have more structure. It is better than a t-shirt, because they have a tendency to ‘stick’ to your body.

Choose a more compact, stiffer fabric instead of transparent materials. They emphasize your moobs . A heavier weave like twill or oxford fabric is a better choice than thin poplin.

3 | The color

White shirts show you your moobs , because they provide shadow forms. A blue or gray variant does not do this. These colors mix better with the shadow.

Dark colors are usually better, but you do not necessarily have to dodge lighter colors. You only have to choose the right materials.

4 | The details

Here it becomes slightly more difficult. Chest pockets can go two ways. They can add extra structure to a shirt and disguise the problem area, but detailed pockets only point more to the chest.

Visual tricks can also help you. Small patterns create a certain effect, so you pay attention to it and not to the shape of the body.

5 | Compression

No, it’s not a belt, do not worry.

This is your last resort. Compression vests are available everywhere, cheap and work very well to suppress your chest.

Because the collar is low, no one will see it. And if someone sees it, it looks like you have a sports shirt, so it does not matter very much.