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Which pants fits my figure?

Pants and jeans come in all shapes and sizes: hip trousers, waist trousers, tight trousers, wide trousers and much more. But did you know that not every pair of pants is suitable for every figure? In this article you can read which trousers and jeans fit perfectly with your figure.

Wide hips

When you have broad hips, straight pants are very suitable for you. This makes your lower body slightly right so that wide hips do not stand out. When you have long legs you can also opt for pants with wider, flared legs. These make you narrower. Waist pants are also very beautiful. Furthermore, it is not smart to opt for pants with prominent pockets or wear spots at the hips, because this is the attention extra attention is drawn to your hips which is not the intention. The harem pants are also not very suitable for your figure, even through these pants your hips seem wider than they are.

Narrow hips

The skinny jeans, a tight fitting model with tight legs, is perfect for your figure. Because the pants are quite tight at the legs, your hips seem rounder. A pair of hip pants is also beautiful with your figure, just like the harem pants. Do not, however, choose waist pants, which do not do your figure a lot of good: it ensures that you get a very straight and masculine figure.


When you have a belly is the most important tip: do not buy pants or jeans that are too tight. When the pants are very tight, your belly seems bigger. So make sure you buy a pair of pants that fits well and is comfortable. Go for pants that are slightly higher, so not for hip pants. When you wear a pair of hip pants your belly is extra, which of course you do not want. When you are really very tired with your tummy, you can also opt for pants that correct your stomach. These pants basically work the same as corrective underwear: it makes your stomach seem flatter.

Flat buttocks

If you have flat buttocks and want to make them look rounder, you should go for pants with prominent pockets at your bottom. Choose striking stitching, buttons or a nice decoration. Do not buy tight pants without pockets, for example a trouser leg. The shape of your buttocks is clearly visible in this way and they will therefore not look rounder. Nowadays there are jeans that lift your buttocks, so-called push-up jeans.

Round buttocks

Are you lucky that you have a nice round backside? Show it with a nice tight model, like the skinny jeans. If you want your buttocks to stand out less, it’s best to go for a pair of pants with flared legs. Watch out for pants with small pockets at your bottom. This makes your buttocks appear wider than they are. So go for a model with pockets that are in proportion to your buttocks.