Hair Loss

5 Things That Make Your Hair Fall Out

Is there more hair on your hairbrush than on your head? Here are the top 5 reasons why your hair drops. An extra few kilograms or a new layer of laughter makes you sigh … But do you notice that your slightly futile hairstyle now shows your scalp, or that the path in your hair looks bigger? You get panicked!

According to Philip Kingsley, known as the hero guru of international stars, the psychological impact of hair loss is enormous. No person has the same volume of hair at 40 as 20 years old. Women, however, feel less feminine and attractive if they no longer have that full bunch of hair from their youth.

What is normal hair loss and what is too much? Most women lose 50 to 100 strings of hair a day. So when you notice a sudden change in your hair loss pattern, ask yourself first why it happens.

The reasons why you lose so much hair these days

“Any woman’s hair falls out, that’s normal,” says nuviante hair growth, a transplant surgeon of Hair Renewal. “However, if it affects large amounts of hair, get help. The sooner you treat the problem, the greater your chance of losing hair loss and even restoring hair growth to normal.”


Herbals Daily says that the hair loss epidemic could possibly cause women to fulfill roles in previously male-dominated positions. This results in more psychological pressure, chemical changes in the body and male body tendencies, such as systematic bleeding. Related effects of a stressful lifestyle, such as weight loss and the use of antidepressants, can also cause your hair to fall. Stressy episodes in your life will appear in your hair if severe hair loss three to four months after the event.


Anemia due to a shortage of iron makes you feel tired, make your pale look and feel tame. And it’s accompanied by hair that easily drops out. This can usually be attributed to heavy months. If you think it’s wrong with your fault, test your iron levels and get advice from your doctor about iron supplements.


Anything that influences your hair growth cycles naturally also affects your hair’s volume. A thyroid problem will make you tired, add weight, feel depressed and cause hair loss. The good news is that a thyroid problem can easily be corrected. Your doctor can test you for the problem and determine what the most appropriate treatment should be.


Hormone fluctuations due to pregnancy or menopause are one of the main reasons why a woman’s hair becomes slippery. “During menopause, the female hormone reduces estrogen and male hormones increase. You will find that your hair is no longer as long as before. The increase in male hormones does not reduce the amount of hair on your head, making hair thin and shorter. So the new hairs that grow out are finer and weaker, “explains Philip Kingsley.


According to Dr. Ress is a big offender chemical treatments like the Brazilian technique to straighten hair semi permanent and permanent hair dyes. Harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde, infiltrate your hair follicles during hair treatments that damage your hair roots. This causes hair loss shortly for long. Preferably use a color shampoo that covers your hair shawl with a color coating rather than penetrating hair. Hot hair lashes are, to a lesser extent, a problem. The heat causes your hair to break, rather than failure.