Eat Healthy

Create a Six Pack at the Hand of 4 Tips!

It is the dream of every man … the six pack. Of course we can all joke about the onepack, the six cans in the fridge and the fact that you love your six pack so much that you protect it with a layer of fat. Deep inside you and I know that every man wants a six pack. Why? Because every woman – deep inside – wants her husband to have a nice washboard. They will not always say it, but it is the truth.

So … no more excuses . It’s time for that six pack and I’m going to explain to you how you can breed it. I use 4 tips and one misunderstanding. Almost everyone thinks that a six pack is created by training hard in the gym. Every day your belly crunching nicely and that washboard can break any moment. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I know different muscle bundles without a washboard. They have gigantic upper arms and signed chest muscles, but not a six pack. They have too high a fat percentage!

When you as a man have a fat percentage above 10% (women 15%), it becomes difficult to make the waxboard visible. You can train so intensely hard, the six blocks on your stomach will not show themselves to the outside world. Conversely, it works exactly the same. There are men and women who never sit in the gym and still have a visible washboard. Of course not as well as on the posters of a certain underbrown brand, but the blocks can be counted.

It is very important information if you decide to go full for that six pack. You may not even have to go to the gym, as long as you burn fat! So … we also helped that misunderstanding out of the world.

Tip 1: Go Healthy Eating

When you want a washboard, you probably have to burn fat – otherwise you already have it. Burning fat is done by measuring a healthy diet . Of course that is easier said than done. For a nice washboard it is important that you burn your belly fat with targeted nutrition. This is how I advise you to eat a lot of protein and healthy fats. Contrary to what you will expect healthy. It will be processed quickly by your body and will not be converted into fat. For more tips on healthy food, I advise you to read other articles on this blog or order the e-book … more about that later.

Tip 2: Do cardio training

I promise you that you do not necessarily have to follow cardio training to burn belly fat. By simply eating healthy you can burn all your fat around your stomach. You may be in a hurry. For people who suddenly realize that the summer is already about a month, I give the advice to perform cardio exercises. Go running, cycling or rowing and speed up the abdominal fat burning process!

Tip 3: Train for strong muscles

It is nice to have a washboard, but it does not make much impression if it is mainly a series of ribs. This is of course not the fashion ideal that we are all looking for. You will therefore have to train for stronger abdominal muscles. You do this in a fitness school or simply in your own bedroom. Most abdominal exercises can be performed with the help of a mat and a good attitude. However, I want to give you a few extra tips in this section. I keep it at 4, so it is pretty similar to the rest of the article. Remember these tips very well if you are going to train your washboard.

Tip 4: Do not believe in wonder means

I often see advertising for the ‘ideal six pack’ with a dubious panacea. Unfortunately, I can not take that seriously. There are no miracle drugs , so you get a six pack. Of course there are means with which you can strengthen your muscles extra fast, but this is junk. It is unhealthy for your body and will cause more damage than it will benefit you. AND … do not fall for the vibrators that vibrate your abs to a washboard. Impossible. Just start training and eating healthy food, and you will notice that your six pack is taking shape steadily. You can do this by studying the ebook Fat Burned Secrets. This book, aimed at burning fat, contains tips for the perfect body . It offers an extensive section about sports, abdominals and fitness.